Humanitarian early Action -
powered by Data & Artificial Intelligence

Perigee enables humanitarian and development aid organizations, fundraisers and disaster risk financing providers to harness the power of data. We help to improve preparedness & response, find new donors and connect with people in ways that move them to action.


Real-Time Data, Enriched with Context

Discover what really matters to people in need and prospective donors

We bring data from hundreds of sources into context

Whether you're a beginner or data aficionado - PERIGEE works for every skill level

All in one place

Two Steps Ahead.

We combine satellite earth observation, emergency reports, climate science and media usage analysis to develop predictive decision-support tools. This makes your life easier and your work more efficient.

Mobile friendly

Fully responsive.
On all your devices.

Wherever you are and on whatever device you look at your data: we've got you covered.


Tailored to your needs

The development of PERIGEE is based on the every day needs of leading aid organizations, NGOs and risk managers.

PERIGEE is funded & mentored by:

"PERIGEE is the one-stop shop to help the helpers. We want to support the risk management and financing sector to cut through the noise. By using billions of online data points and machine learning, we want to provide an efficient translation of early warnings into early action. All our developments are driven by practical needs. There are no analytical black boxes."

Emanuel Rudas, MA & Markus Enenkel, PhD Founders and CEOs

It's not rocket science.
Apart from our satellite data.
That is sort of rocket science.

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