From Data to truly actionable Knowledge

Having worked with humanitarian organizations for more than 15 years we realized that there is a critical knowledge gap when it comes to the translation of early warning to early action and emergency fundraising. Many answers can be found in data, but only if they are translated into actionable knowledge based on the specific requirements and technical capacities of the user. Perigee does not only link various kinds of emergency data, such as satellite-derived information or climate services, with social listening, but integrate tailored online services directly into your workflows.

There is always someone, who is interested in a specific emergency and willing to support humanitarian activities with a donation, also if the event does not make it into global news headlines. Perigee can help you to 1) integrate near real-time satellite data into your communication process as an evidence for the need to act, 2) identify and communicate with the most promising donors (and younger audiences), and 3) predict the fundraising potential for specific markets or types of emergencies. Our tools automatically collect and contexualize various emergency data sources, media and social media data based on your preferences. It does not matter if your activities focus on a refugee crisis in Colombia, a tropical cyclone in Mozambique, a Polio outbreak in Afghanistan or a protracted crisis in Syria – Perigee will provide the right information at the right time.

Perigee offers a flexible and affordable solution for humanitarian decision-makers, communications managers and fundraisers. All developments are fully transparent and GDPR-compliant. We belief the best way to develop a sustainable solution is to foster mutual understanding. The better we understand your needs, the better you understand what is technically possible, the more powerful will the final product be.

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