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PERIGEE Insights: Complement your gut feeling with the latest data-driven insights – supported by AI


Insights Dashboard

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PERIGEE Insights

Spend more time on humanitarian or development assistance than on reading reports.

In a world facing escalating humanitarian crises and costs, the need for more efficient aid at eye level is more urgent than ever. While some crises capture media attention, numerous ‚forgotten emergencies‘ silently affect millions worldwide of people who do not have a voice. To provide dignified assistance, humanitarian actors must make continuous, accountable decisions that are grounded in the real needs of the affected population.

PERIGEE‘s predictive insights dashboard harnesses the power of machine learning and data science to optimize humanitarian decision making. It is a simple, but powerful web-app that enables humanitarian veterans just like new users to complement their expertise with a data-driven engine. 

Strategists in the area of humanitarian and development assistance, fundraising, and reporting can reduce costs and optimize their activities; face-to-face fundraisers can easily access up-to-date information for their efforts, increasing both accountability and transparency towards potential donors; governmental organizations and media can monitor ongoing crises along with related public awareness. Perigee will enable organizations of all sizes and in all regions to access a new generation of tailored big data analytics that fit their needs.


A global overview of emergencies,

Near real-time emergency updates from various global, national, or sub-national sources, enabling faster reaction times or even proactive activities.

Track news to stay up to date

Media coverage analysis of an event, enabling organizations to learn more about public opinion and awareness regarding all types of disasters. -

Measurement and prediction of interest & awareness

This allows optimizing timing and spend for fundraising and awareness campaigns.

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