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Our approach

Not every local flood is part of global news. Not every armed conflict makes it in the newspapers. And still: lives are affected.

While our communities become more global, interest for regional impact can be found everywhere in the world. After a fatal event, micro-sized audiences care for families in their hometown; backpackers who once visited may also show signs of clear engagement; and powerful influencers might have a personal link to this specific situation.

Find people who really care.

At PERIGEE, data is at the heart of everything we do. We help experienced fundraisers and humanitarian organizations of all sizes to find people who really care by harnessing the power of hundreds of data sources.

Perigee can help you to identify and communicate with promising donors, including younger audiences who are typically more difficult to reach. Our tools help you to predict fundraising potentials for specific markets or types of emergencies. And with our near-real time emergency data streams, you have all the information to inform and illustrate your strategies. Everything you need can be found in an interactive online dashboard that’s easy to understand.

More than just numbers.

Our tools automatically collect and contextualize various emergency data sources, social channels, message boards and media as well as user behavior. It does not matter if your activities focus on internal displacement in Colombia, a tropical cyclone in Mozambique, a Polio outbreak in Afghanistan or a global pandemic. We will provide new insights for your operational, communications and fundraising activities.

Efficiency meets Transparency.

Our tools, our indices and performance indicators don’t have to be triggered by disasters whose impacts have already been recorded. They can also be activated based on forecasts to facilitate or strengthen disaster preparedness and look for potential donors before you might want to get in touch with them. In the case of tropical cyclones, for instance, we already know several days in advance if and where it will likely hit.

Every single development step is documented, transparent and GDPR-compliant. A large research network is there to support us. This allows us to predict the fundraising potential in specific markets so you can immediately adapt your strategy, reducing uncertainties in your work and increasing the efficiency of your activities.

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