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A real-time Knowledge Hub

Perigee collects data-driven Insights from individuals and organizations around the world to empower locally-led humanitarian assistance 


A real-time Knowledge Hub

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Emergency Data are abundant, but actionable Insights are still rare

For most emergencies, lack of data is not the main problem. However, data don’t solve problems without being translated into actionable insights that match existing workflows. In addition, national stakeholders often have an invaluable knowledge about local conditions.

During the recent earthquake in Morocco and the flood in Libya, many people in our network did their own data analysis, which lead to important insights for humanitarian decision-makers. However, these insights, such as a map of houses that had collapsed, were shared on social media or via email. Perigee will soon include validated data-driven insights from (inter)national individuals or organizations that are not part of our ’standard‘ emergency sources.

Every emergency update that you receive via email and every event that you select on the map will include these unique insights. In parallel, we are working closely with providers of satellite-derived insights.  If needed, we can connect you to the provider of these insights, fostering innovative collaboration based on real-world needs.

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